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Instant Romantic Floor – Vol.1 First Love Class

인스턴트 로맨틱 플로어 (Instant Romantic Floor) – 1집 First Love Class
Release Date: 2007.10.11
Genre: Electronica

01. Elevator Loves Music (Skit)
02. Bic Vic Party
03. Twist In My Love
04. A-Ha
05. 자기 전에 나눈 이야기들 (Skit)
06. AM5
07. The Last Waltz
08. Same Thing (Song For Me) (Feat. Jood, J-Kwondo, Gr)
09. Waltz Sofa_1F (Skit)
10. Ma All (Feat. J-Dogg)
11. Romantique Summer
12. Luv Punch (Uppercut Mix)

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